Tithe, Offerings, and other donations

We are truly grateful for your donations to the ministries of The Genesis Project, and we hope the convenience and simplicity of online giving will be helpful to you. We could not do all we do throughout the year without YOU!

Give with Amazon Smile Program

You can give to Genesis Project every time you make a purchase on Amazon when you make your purchases via the Amazon Smile site.  When you register for Amazon Smile and use the Amazon Smile site every time you make a purchase, Amazon will donate a portion of every one of your purchases. 

How to give via Amazon Smile:
      1.   Register with Amazon Smile and associate Genesis Project with you Amazon account (Click “Register” button below). 
      2.   During the registration process, you will be asked to search for your organization, search for “Genesis Project Fort Collins”
      2.   Once registered, you need to log into Amazon through the Amazon Smile web page @ (Click “Smile” below)

IMPORTANT! You must use the link every time you use Amazon for the donation to be made. Going to the standard site will not apply the Amazon Smile donation.


There are many opportunities for serving, and we are excited to help you discover the ones that will be a great fit for you!