Monday – Friday 8 a.m. – 3 p.m. 


400 South Link Lane Fort Collins, CO 80524

Serve people well. Create opportunities. Make good coffee.

Genesis Coffee exists to serve our community and create meaningful relationships through the craft of coffee. Our motivation is to prepare individuals to live productive lives by empowering them with a valuable skill-set to become job-ready and self-sufficient. At Genesis Coffee we are non-judgmental and non-discriminatory, and we invite people into our space to simply be themselves as a place of refuge.

We also believe that when we encounter something great, we want to share that experience with others. Therefore, it is our goal to make the experience of specialty coffee as natural and accessible as possible through outstanding customer service, approachable staff, and simplification–emptying the untouchable barriers, arrogance, and ambiguities it may have harbored before.



Fundamentally, Genesis Coffee is made up of servants. We show up every day and die to self, while continually placing the interest of others before our own.


We value coffee as a craft, instead of an expendable commodity. We do mostly everything manually, by hand, and pour our souls into serving the best quality possible. This takes time, patience, and a lot of grace.


Emptying any pretense and superfluities in coffee that has previously created barriers to a quality experience.


The ultimate reason why we serve coffee is to build meaningful relationships with others, while creating an inviting, non-judgmental space for others to experience community.