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This is a Genesis Project community partnership program through the Food Bank of Larimer County and Matthews House to provide free nutritious meals to children age 5 or 6 (must have one year of school) to 18 years old.


This is a Genesis Project community partnership program through the Matthews House to provide an after-school educational enrichment program for students K-12 who would benefit from small-group or private tutoring


Open Hearts Ministry provides opportunities to open your soul to a deeper understanding of your past, to courage and integrity in current relationships and to growing connection with the Author of your story as you move forward.

Community Developement

Hope Swearingen and Sarah Zuehlsdorff live in the neighborhood directly behind The Genesis Project and serve as our community liaisons.  They bridge the gap between Park Lane Mobile Home Park, The Genesis Project, and many other outside organizations and resources.

For more information or to get involved contact…

Hope Swearingen 
Sarah Zuehlsdorff