GP About Us – Why We Exist

Who We Are

Our Mission: Genesis Project exists to create space for people to discover new beginnings through transforming relationships with Jesus and others.

We believe that new beginnings are possible! We especially want to offer that hope to people who have given up on believing they could ever start over. While we know that we can’t create a new beginning for someone, we do believe that we can work at creating space for people to discover that holistic new beginnings are possible; spiritually, emotionally, mentally, relationally, vocationally, etc…

We believe that the very best context for discovering new beginnings is real relationships. At the very heart of the story of God you find a God who relentlessly pursues broken humanity for the primary purpose of reconciliation. In other words, healing our broken relationships first with Him and then with each other.

It is in this context of real relationships that we hope to journey with people towards discovering real and tangible ways to overcome those things that keep us from living the story God intended for our lives.

Core Values:

  • Authenticity: We seek to be genuine, transparent and vulnerable in our personal lives and relationships
  • Acceptance: We seek to meet all people where they are, value each story and demonstrate the love of Jesus
  • Transformation: We seek to surrender to the Holy Spirit as we actively pursue progressive and enduring change
  • Simplicity: We seek to create a culture that maximizes accessibility and impact through clarity, focus and freedom from complexity

Where We’ve Been

You could say that the seeds of Genesis Project Fort Collins were planted in August 2008. It was then that Rob Cowles heard Gary Haugen of International Justice Mission speak about living bravely in the way of Jesus. That talk began to wreck Rob’s life in a wonderful way as he began to wrestle with what it meant for him to live bravely in the way of Jesus.

In 2012 Rob was invited to speak at Genesis Project in Ogden, UT, a church that was planted by close friend, Matt Roberts with a heart to reach people who had given up on church. They envisioned real relationships, a raw Christianity and a church reimagined. “From the moment I stepped into their building, I knew this was a different kind of church” says Cowles. People were quick to share their stories about how their lives had been transformed by relationships with people in the church and, most of all, with Jesus. Worship was passionate and authentic, not manipulated or contrived because the room was filled with people who knew what it was to be in the depths of darkness and addiction but had experienced the light and freedom of Jesus. It was messy and beautiful and would lead to Rob resigning his position as the Executive Pastor of Timberline Church, a megachurch in Fort Collins to begin the exciting and terrifying journey of planting a church on the north side of the city for people who have given up on church and lost hope in new beginnings.

While the church is people, not a building, our building is significant to our story. That building used to be the home of the only strip club in Fort Collins known as A Hunt Club. One of the owners, Aaron Bekkela, came to faith in Jesus. As his life was transformed, he began to look for opportunities to get out of the business and ultimately close the club. It was a long, arduous journey but, in September of 2013, the strip club closed and a very generous donor stepped up to purchase the building through Timberline Church in order to give birth to Genesis Project Fort Collins. In the Fall of 2014 the building was deeded over to Genesis Project. The building was in severe need of remodeling but we viewed it as a metaphor for what God can do in the lives of human beings. No matter how beat up, broken, disillusioned and trashed our lives are, God can make something beautiful out of them.

After meeting for a year at Everyday Joe’s coffee shop, Genesis Project was officially launched on February 8, 2015 in a former strip club on the north side of Fort Collins. We are a diverse community of broken people seeking to live bravely in the way of Jesus by going to the darkest corners of our city and loving people where they are. We passionately believe that holistic new beginnings are possible through transforming relationships with Jesus and with others.